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When I was three years old, my mother would sit at the piano in our living room and play the melodies to Disney songs, while I would make up my own words, singing about everything around me, especially our family cat. As I grew, I would often make up song parodies with friends, even creating a fake band called The Lollipops where my chosen instrument was the Kleenex box guitar.

From the ages of 14-25, I intensively studied classical music and music theater singing techniques, often dismissing songwriting and pop-style singing all together, but that all came to a crashing halt in 2016 when I took several months off from classical singing to heal from a vocal injury. After feeling like my vocal chords betrayed me, I felt like I needed a new outlet for self-expression and began to keep a journal. That journal turned into one massive list in my Notes app of short prose, tiny poems, and beautiful bunches of words that I realized could fit a narrative when melded together.

In 2018, a writing frenzy began, and after being away from performing for over a year, I did just about the scariest thing I could think of - I signed up for my first open mic in the summer of 2019. I had always sung the words and emotions of other writers, but had never displayed my own vulnerabilities for my friends, family, and acquaintances to hear!!!

My worries waned, and I am now fully immersed in the world of songwriting. My ventures even helped me land a gig co-writing an original song for an up-coming Hallmark-inspired movie called "Cupid's Christmas"!

Please check out the media section of my Songwriting tab for demos of some of my most played songs, as well as some clips from open mics.

As I continue to navigate this new path of musicianship, I am open to collaborations with other songwriters, bands, and commercial projects.

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